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Angel & Faith Comic Cover Issue 1

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Dark Horse posted my Angel & Faith cover, in their WonderCon recap, today…so at long last I’m posting it.

I wasn’t given any specifics other than the city (London) and the Clock Tower of St Stephens (aka Big Ben) should be under construction (due to its date with a spaceship). There was one other bit of info that they mentioned, after I had finished the drawing…take a guess on what the addition was :)

So I set about creating an issue-neutral image that could still impart back story about the characters.

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27 Responses to “Angel & Faith Comic Cover Issue 1”

  1. Xian says:

    The addition was Giles’ headstone?

  2. Steve Morris says:

    Yup, you got it. Good eyes!

  3. Jaz says:

    Giles! No!!

  4. Wow, Steve. I love your cover. I’ve been waiting to see the 3rd cover come out and I really like it. The detail is wonderful and the headstone is a really nice touch. I think you captured the likeness perfectly and I can’t wait to see more of your work on the Angel & Faith series.

  5. Elena says:

    Are you sure that Angel hasn’t turned human? The prophecy has been fulfilled in season 8!

  6. CKClarke says:

    The artwork is fantastic! I’m definitely pumped to see more.

  7. Jon says:

    Stupid dead Giles!

  8. Steve Morris says:

    Thanks I appreciate it! It was Scott Allie that had the idea about putting Giles’ name on the tombstone…I thought to myself, “Wait…Giles is dead? When did I miss that?” But I hadn’t missed it, it just hadn’t happened yet.

  9. Steve Morris says:

    Let’s hope not, he didn’t fair too well last time he turned human.

  10. Steve Morris says:


  11. Harpe says:

    Great cover by an amazing artist. Looking forward to the next series of comics in the Buffyverse. Never realized how much Angel looks like a young Val Kilmer.

  12. Steve Morris says:

    Thanks! Hah, I didn’t realize it either until you pointed it out, now it’s all I can see lol. I’m not so sure there’s a real-world resemblance though, between the two actors…it no doubt could have stood a few more tweaks with fresh eyes.

  13. Harpe says:

    Yeah, it’s a combination of the eyes and the high cheekbones. I’m not being critical, I really do think it’s a great cover. (I asked to get out of my last book contract with an indepencent publisher because of really atrocious cover art, and I do tend to look very closely.) This cover is right up there with as good as I’ve seen, I just noticed that little resemblance and thought I’d mention it. Thanks for being a good sport about it.

  14. Steve Morris says:

    oh no, I don’t mind at all, it helps know what to watch out for next time. Thanks for the thoughtful response and compliment.

  15. Stephanie says:

    Angel looks a little bit like Michael Cera to me.

  16. Steve Morris says:

    Hah, that would change the tone…maybe they will cast him in the Buffy reboot movie…is that still being made?

  17. angeliclestat says:

    Wonderful cover – very atmospheric. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the covers for the series from you:)

    How many have you completed?

  18. Harpe says:

    Looks as if it’s a go, but without SMG, Joss, and the rest of the TV show cast, I’d say they might as well leave it alone. Looks like they’e casting several of the \Twilight\ actors, so they’ll probably get pretty good box office, but I’ll wait until the DVD hits the $5 bargain bin before I see, if then.

  19. Steve Morris says:

    Thanks! I’ve had the first two done for a while and finished up the third one a couple of weeks ago.

  20. Steve Morris says:

    I hadn’t heard about the twilight actors being involved.

  21. Harpe says:

    According to the latest data I can find on line, it looks like this. I think maybe the only one who has signed so far is Kristen Stewart, but here’s what the proposed cast might look like.

    Twenty-one-year-old Kristen Stewart has just signed a three-picture contract to star as the title heroine in Fox’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer reboot movie series. (Played Bella Swan in the Twilight Saga)

    Taylor Lautner will likely play teen wolf Oz. (Jacob Black in the Twilight Saga)

    Ashley Greene may portray the vain Cordelia. (Alice Cullen in the Twilight Saga)

    Unconfirmed right now, but several people have linked Robert Pattinson to the role of Angel. (Edward Cullen in the Twlight Saga)

    And there may be even more. I don’t see how this could be anything but a continuing Twilight story.

  22. Steve Morris says:

    Oh yeah , actually I did hear the bit about Kristen Stewart, I thought it was an odd match, she seems more like a Faith than a Buffy, maybe they’re trying to merge the characters into one persona for the movie.

  23. cil_domney says:

    Wonderful cover art – I love the color quality and the elements associated with series – Nice use of demon carrying the grave stone on his back -

  24. Maria says:

    Me parece de mal gusto que Faith esté sentada sobre la lápida de Giles, y en esa actitud. Creo que esa imágen sobraba. Por otra parte, la cara de Angel la veo un poco rara. Y Angel nunca ha querido ser humano, al igual que Angelus. No le va.

  25. I think with Angel it’s Boreanaz’s forehead that’s hard to capture. :P But I can’t wait to see more of your cover art.

  26. Heather Weir says:

    Hi Steve,

    Your Angel & Faith cover came out great! I just got it today. You’ve really done a great job. I look forward to the following issues.

    I hope you faired well with Irene.


  27. Steve Morris says:

    Hi Heather, Thanks! I still remember your mother coming in for art appreciation in 5th or 4th grade and talking about composition.
    Storm knocked the power out but no water problems. Hope all is well with you.
    Best, Steve