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25 Great Superheroine Covers of the Past Year

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On April 2, CBR had  an article by Kelly Thompson named, “She Has No Head! – 25 Great Superheroine Covers of the Past Year”. Three of my Buffy covers made the list, check it out here.

2 Responses to “25 Great Superheroine Covers of the Past Year”

  1. Arac says:

    Congrats! You’re doing a great job with your covers, it’s nice to see it noticed. My two cents on this classement: Buffy #1 should easily be in the top 10 and my personnal favorite, Buffy #3, is missing).

    On a side note, I just read that there is a Spike series coming and you’ll be doing the covers, I’m particulary happy with that news. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us.

  2. Steve Morris says:

    Thanks again! Buffy #3 is one of my faves, I think bc it’s very straight forward…which I don’t often do :)

    The style of Spike covers will be a bit different than my normal covers, they’ll be more traditional…in a comic book sense, to contrast the main cover art. So far, I’ve been pleased with the results, hopefully the readership will be too.

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